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Bashful, and the Noize is a One Act Slam/Hip-Hop Play centered around a queer sixteen-year-old boy named Bash who enacts a vow of silence after reckoning with sexual assault and grief. Featuring colorful characters like James Baldwin and Maya Angelou and the sounds of Bash's imagination entitled "Noize", the play interrogates the importance of finding your Voice and keeping your Light in a world so loud and so dark. The play is a reckoning, requiem and a celebration.


Loosely based on Founding Artistic Director Alric Davis' story, Bashful, and the Noize resonated so deeply with such a small audience for its reading at the Kennedy Center but garnered interest from many people living abroad because of its universal themes and fresh interpretation. Writing this work was truly transformational, a journey back to what pulls me to art in the first place - to empower viewers and create a safe space to interrogate large subjects otherwise unobtainable. We all know the importance of art that starts conversation, so that viewers at any age learn that they have a voice, and they matter. With its central character - Bash, a queer Black boy with a dangerous name who many would deem a threat- the play reiterates the oft-ignored truth: the youth are the culture makers and innovators overlooked for their intelligence and value. I hope to offer my perspective to help create a cross- generational conversation in which art is both universal and necessary.

September 9 – September 11, 2022,

Sometimes you gotta

be silent to be heard.

Spring Street Studio 101

1824 Spring Street,

Studio 101

Houston, TX 77007

Tickets $30

VIP Tickets $50

Sankofa (NOUN) :

It expresses the importance of reaching back to knowledge gained in the past and bringing it into the present in order to make positive progress. It is about remembering the past in order to protect and create a promising future. 

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